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Price: $300.00

Samurai Do is a type of a Japanese body armour similar to a European cuirass that was worn by samurai during the time of feudal Japan. Depending on the style of a particular samurai Do, it could be a part of the O-Yoroi (samurai full armour). The Do was the main and most visible component of the armour and it was quite often a part that identified a samurai, his rank, his power, and his belonging to a particular clan or a family. Samurai Do, especially owned by retainers, were usually decorated with a large display of the owner's crest on the front. More powerful and high-ranked samurai usually had their identification attributes on their Kabuto (helmets), or even had their own personal standards.

Size: one size fits all
Material: 18 ga. Mild steel

Options: Comes in a enamel painted finish